NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Doctor’s Wife” – S6 – E4/14 – (Spoilers!)

Wow! What a great return to form after last weeks poor “Curse Of The Lost plot”.

Last night’s Who had mystery, suspense, action, drama and its fair share of scares.

Suranne Jones played a great counterpoint to the Doctor and as the possessed entity of the Tardis, it was touching to see the two of them chew over the emotional scene’s together.

AND FINALLY…..we got to see more of the Tardis other than the main control room. Labyrinth corridors and interestingly Tennant’s old control room.

Michael Sheen’s “the House” was a suitably omnipotent villain. But the award had to goto the Green eyed Ood. I had to laugh when Amy put her hand in its tentacle mouth, I’m sure we have all wanted to do that !!

Incidentally, Suranne Jones would be great as a female baddie, something akin to the old series Rani.

So in summary, “Who” is back on form although it would be nice if they extended the running time to build the scene’s up better. Sometimes it all feels a bit rushed. But the 45 min rum time is probably to fit 2-3 advert breaks when the show is syndicated.

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