NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Rebel Flesh” – S6 – E5/14 – (Spoilers!)

I have to admit I struggled a bit with the new Dr Who episode 5 – “The Rebel Flesh” last night, for the first 20 minutes.

It packed alot of background and scenery in, to set the tone of what in the second half did finally became an enjoyable chase, siege, stand-off type formula.

So the Dr has landed, where this week? A Monastry Pumping Station, what are they pumping? Acid. Whats that big vat of flesh got to do with it? Is that the acid too?

So anyway, the Doctor and his companions land near a Monastry-cum-Acid-pumping-station and meet these cynical Northern factory types who find working with the acid so dangerous they use “Ganger’s (As in Dopple) or duplicates of themselves created from some pot of liquid flesh which also happens to reside within the monestary. (Following? 🙂 ).

Anyhoo, everything is peachy until a solar wave hits the place and the Ganga’s go crazy, deadly acid blocks all of the exits and the Tardis sinks into an acidy bog. Leaving the Dr to try and mediate some kind of peace between the Human masters and the Ganga slaves. But you see, evil suspicious human’s eventually upset the applecart by killing a Ganga and war is declared.

Now thankfully, this is a two parter with part one cliffhanger ending being a “how you gunna resolve that one Dr?” because I want some answers, or my head will explode!!

Some nice dialogue moments interspersed with a John Carpenters “The Thing” paranoia about whether that person is the real deal or not. I look forward to my answers next week – or not.

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