NRW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Almost People” – S6 – E6/14 – (Spoilers!)

So this weeks episode was the resolution to last weeks “The Rebel Flesh”.


The cliffhanger from last weeks episode left the Doctor, Ganga Doctor, Amy and acid worker’s trapped in a room with the Ganga’s massing outside. Meanwhile, Rory had a strange change of heart from being a big scaredy cat and went off chasing a Ganga whose head could turn into a deadly snake!

With two Doctor’s on the scene, it was only a matter of time before the issue of equality between human and Ganga would surface.

Both Doctor’s were bouncing off each other intellectually which was spoilt by Amy’s prejudice against the Ganga version of the Doctor by reminding it “There was only one Doctor and you could never be anything more than just a copy of the original”. A genuine touching moment as the Ganga Doctor contemplated its future amongst humans.

The other emotional highlight was the death by acid of one of the acid worker’s, whose Ganga stepped in at the last minute to fool the dead worker’s son who was waiting on the video phone for his Birthday message.

If only he knew what his new dad could do, I could imagine the scene at school the next day.

“My dad drives bulldozers and cranes for a living!”

“Thats nowt, my dad went away to work in a monastry pumping acid and came back with the ability to turn into another creature altogether. This morning I went into the bathroom and he was hopping around in the bath as a giant pink frog!”

Anyway, back to Doctor Who, the Ganga’s were strangely two steps ahead of their human counterpart and the evacuation was soon re-rooted which meant certain death for the humans.

The episode ended with the Monastry blowing up and the Doctor saving some people. But shock horror, Amy is some kind of Ganga who the Doctor melts into a big pile of snot. Meanwhile, the real Amy is stuck in a maternity cell waiting to give birth. But there was no sign of an anal probe.

All in all, a reasonably satisfactory conclusion to the episode which really felt like Doctor Who paint by numbers. An interesting John Carpenter’s The Thing situation developed with Human and Ganga’s being confused for each other was never really fully explored and the two doctor’s didn’t really have time to get in each others way.

Looking forward to the story arc from the first 2 episodes getting back on track.

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