Geordie Shore Line Crossed

New MTV show “Geordie Shore” seems to have upset all and sunder from Tourism to North East Culture & Arts establishments with its OTT portrayal of hedonistic, braindead, superficial, oversexed twentysomething’s.

It was never going to be cultural, unless by culture you are thinking of the kind that antibiotic’s cure.

Tyne officials are worried that the programme will give the area a bad name. After all of the city’s recent attempts to portray a more cultured image.

Of course, the only real drama surrounding the programme is the completely OTT soundbytes from some of the programmes detractors.

Geordie Shore ‘borders on porn’ says Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah.

“First episode of MTV’s outrageous show Geordie Shore saw boob flashing, drunken vomiting and copping off” blares the Sun newspaper

“The fierce reaction to the programme demonstrates that people who live here feel very strongly about NewcastleGateshead and how it’s being portrayed.” said Sarah Stewart, CEO of Newcastle Gateshead Initiative.

Especially where MP’s are concerned, I am always wary of their motives when it comes to commenting on stiff like this. To me, its all about self publicity rather than concern for the common good.

Also, the programme itself has caused quite the storm but by condemning it publicly its detractors have provided it with a good deal of advertising, because without this negative publicity it wouldn’t have lasted long at all. Its just not that good, least Jersey Shore has a kind of believable charm to it

Truth is, this programme exposes the kind of underbelly that plague Newcastle’s pubs and nightclubs every Friday and Saturday night down the Bigg Market (and any other city or town up and down the country). Geordie Shore just packages it up for TV and focuses it for the purposes of entertainment

Geordie Shore just seems really setup confrontational TV and us Brits were never that good at it really, better leave that to our Yank cousins.

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