WHO REVUE : “A Good Man Goes to War” – S6 – E7/14 – (Spoilers!)

Ok, some major plot developments were finally unveiled concerning the current story arc and a central character in last nights very enjoyable episode

The Doctor was looking for the kidnapped heavily pregnant Amy and calling in a few favours from his buddies, including; A sword wielding Slitheen, a disgraced Sontarran and a big blue buddha in a dress.

They located Amy on an asteroid base called “Devil’s Run” being held by a seemingly rogue group of Cleric soldiers headed by the eye patch lady Madame Kovarian. One eyed Willmeena had been briefly appearing throughout all of the previous episodes in a kind of weird time echo.

Also present, were the mysterious cowled order of Headless Monks (who had had their heads removed to prove their faith) wielding suspiciously familiar red energy swords, is George Lucas watching?

So, the doctor and his aides take over the base suprisingly easily and rescue Amy and seemingly, her baby recently named Melody.

The Doctor learns that baby Melody is not all she seems and may infact have fused with some Timelord DNA due to Amy and Rory’s cavorting in the Tardis.

Meanwhile, One eyed Willimeena springs a trap on the doctor whilst hightailing it with the real baby Melody in tow. Leaving the Doctor and his gang to face the Headless Monks.

During the ensuing battle, Amy’s baby turns out to be a flesh copy and explodes into a pile of white goo, now where is that giant Kleenex?

All this time, Riversong has been suspiciously absent and appears right at the end, too late to help and much to the annoyance of the doctor to tell him she couldn’t get involved.

But shock horror ! The truth is finally revealed….. Riversong is Amy’s grown up baby daughter Melody !!!! WTF !!

All in all, a well rounded episode and being how much it tried to pack into 45 mins, managed to achieve much of its aims and set up a mid season break with a quality cliff hanger to keep fans drooling until Autumn, when the Doctor kills Hitler apparently!!

All of actors did their bit, Karen Gillan showed the right range of emotions playing the protective mother and the Sontaron was a well written part who, upon dying realised that there wasn’t that much honour in death after all.

Moffat writes in another memorable (if slightly horrific) bunch of villain’s in the form of the headless monks with more than a nod to the Sith.

Can’t wait for the reprise this autumn…..


WHO REVUE : “A Good Man Goes to War” – S6 – E7/14 – (Spoilers!)2 Comments

  1. I thought this was a great episode. Really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the start if the next season.

  2. I thought this was a great episode. Really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the start if the next season.