Harry Potter And The Deathly Bored Hallows – Part II

I’ve just seen a trailer on the MTV movie awards for the new final Harry Potter film. In the clip, Harry has a magic off in a wood with Lord Flatface and it looks kinda interesting.

I haven’t read the books so I have no idea how this ends, so far I have managed to avoid any mention of it.

I hope this film picks up the pace on Part One which felt about 50 minutes too long in the middle. Harry and Chums camping out in the woods and looking miserable in a petulant teen way didn’t really help the story along much.

Funnily enough though, I thought I would prefer the later ones were Potty is older and more powerful and the tone is darker. But I actually find myself preferring the flowery first three films when they were small children and the adventures revolved around a lost pet rat and Richard Harris, who although looking terminal like his UV drip was following him round just off-screen was still the main wizard-man.

Least Alan Rickman got to flex his evil bone in the last few films, after having not much else to do in the first 4 parts, except grimace like he was holding a poo in. Lets be honest though, Alan can play evil in his sleep (Hans Gruber AKA Die Hard).

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 opens on the 15 July in the UK. 3D & IMAX to follow …

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