Buddy! Didn’t You Just Draw The Short Straw Award – No.2, 3 & 4 – Terminator 2

The next awards in the ‘Buddy! Didn’t you just draw the short straw’ goto a special sub category called “Wrong place, wrong time!” For three of the unluckiest individuals ever to grace the silver screen : Bespectacled mall backroom cleaning guy, Good Samaritan red neck Trucker and fat security tashy man from Terminator 2 : Judgement Day.

Whose only crime was to ‘meet’ a polyalloy shape shifting robot from the future; the T1000.

Bespectacled mall backroom cleaning guy (played by Takao Komine) who was on a well earned break with his cassette walkman and his soda was on a stroll through the back corridors of the Galleria mall. Happening across a kid (John Connor) with a backpack he shouts “Hey! You shouldn’t be back here!”. Just as Arnie T101 and the T1000 appear and the T1000 fires a handgun indiscriminately at Connor and the T101. Plugging poor Mall Room Cleaning Guy and spraying his innards all over the walls (its gonna need some turps to get them bloodstains out).

galleria handyman terminator 2 T1000

Good Samaritan red neck Trucker’s (played by Terrence Evans) crime was to stop on the freeway when he thought he could help out in a serious road accident, involving a crashed helicopter and a van with a chicken coop on the back.

Noticing a Policeman walking away from the crash. Trucker approaches to enquire if he is all right, his reward? A silver spear arm through the sternum.

And just to rub salt into a perforated abdomen, the T1000 then steals Red Neck’s truck and crashes it into a steel mill.

nitrogen trucker T1000 Terminator 2

The moral of that story is……. don’t stop to help, or you may be horrifically killed by a time traveling robot from the future.

Last but not least, fat security tashy man – Louis (played by Don Stanton) the security guard from Pascadero hospital who gets speared through the bonce by his evil twin (whilst checking the fullhouse on his coffee cup) and lamenting about what a lucky day he had been having up until his death, came a close third.

T1000 Louis Pascadero Hospital Guard T2

Takao Komine, Terrence Evans and Don Stanton we salute you collaterally damaged innocent by-standers with a Buddy! Didn’t you just draw the short straw award

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