Buddy! Didn’t You Just Draw the Short Straw Award – 5 – Chip Love

Today’s award goes to the aptly named, “Man in Ford” from < em>No Country For Old Men played by Chip Love. Yeah! For real!

Driving down the highway in his Ford Saloon, Man In Ford is pulled over by a cop car.

‘Funny looking cop!’ Man In Ford thinks to himself ‘….and what is that he is carrying under his arm?’.

Anton Chigurh Javier BardemEnter Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh, the creepiest looking Mexican killer this side of the Pesos, with hair that could be its own villain.

One look from this dude can make somebody squirm to death with uncomfortableness. Man in Ford should have been able to tell by the look on his face, that this guy was not out for an afternoon stroll, with a “screaming whilst masterbating in faeces” crazy look on his face!

Stepping out of the car, Man In Ford is a bit confused as the cop puts his strange device to Man In Ford’s bonce. Is it somekind of new Alcoholic Breath Test? CRUNCH! ….. bye bye Man In Ford. Here’s your $50.00 dollars for a couple of hours acting work.

no country old men anton chigurh cattle gun

What a gross way to go, shot in the head with a cattle gun. Still, Man In Ford was lucky – somewhat, as at least it was quick for him. Anton strangled a cop to death moments earlier with his own handcuffs, with the kind of orgasmic look on his face, that I last seen on Buffalo Bill, as he slipped his skin negligee on for the first time.

Chip Love, we salute your 1 minute cameo, probably the most memorable scene from the film with Buddy! Didn’t you just draw the short straw award.

Chip hasn’t been in anything before or since, according to IMDB. Gee! I hope the Boltgun wasn’t real!!

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