Cybergang Target Pottermore Website

pottermore phishing

The gang has been sending phishing emails to fans containing weblinks to the new Pottermore website.

One fan, a Mr R. Weasely reported receiving one of these phishing emails asking if they wanted to join the Pottermore website. “I should have realised….” the ginge said, “The email looked extremely childish; it was titled ‘POTTERBORE’ and stated that fans could access all of the Potter family history, including James and Lilly Potter’s reported dirty Muggle links.”

Peter-PettigrewUpon clicking on the link (which was actually a portkey) Mr Weasley was transported to a graveyard where a gang of cyber criminals were waiting for him. “They emptied my pockets and stole my wallet with my ID and credit cards and said if I told anyone I would get an avalanche of spam emails for Viagra and the Spanish Lottery.”

One of the gang called Pettigrew AKA Scabbers – (who was described as looking like Barry from Auf Wiedersehen Pet, if he had lived like a tramp for the last 20 years) is reported to be the no. 2 in the gang. If seen he should not be approached as he can turn into a rat and run up trouser legs. Below is an artists representation.

Anyone receiving one of these emails, should report it to the Ministry of Magic immediately. The head of the Criminal gang known as the Death Eaters – Tom Riddle, AKA Val De Mort is wanted on several counts of Internet fraud and ordering the murder of Cedric Diggory.

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