New Judge Dredd Film 2012

I grew up reading 2000 AD and I particularly loved the dystopian, violent take on law and order in the 21st Century, in a city teeming with 400 million perps – Mega City One.

Judge Dredd in the comic was Dirty Harry, no doubt – emotionlessly doling justice out with his trusty lawgiver through gritted teeth.

I remember going to the old Lonsdale pictures, back in 1995 to see Judge Dredd – starring Sly Stallone. Finally, (I thought!) a big screen adaption of my favourite anti-establishment comic book. Alot has been said about Stalllone’s Dredd – it was stylish looking, the uniform’s looked great, but it was just plain terrible in playing too hard and fast with the established mythos.

It didn’t capture any of the humour present from the comic and Sly’s Dredd didn’t exactly capture any of Dredd’s cold hard sneering rage. I wonder how Urban will play it?

sly stallone judge dredd 1995He took his helmet off within 20 minutes, PSI Anderson wasn’t in it, Hershey and Dredd have a thing, the Angel Gang (who admittedly do look the part) get killed in 5 minutes flat and 10 judges get blown up and suddenly there’s no more Judges left.

I could go on, but its been extensively covered before.

Oh yeah and no Titan, instead its Aspen penal colony! WTF? I mean has Rico been learning to ski whilst at the Judge’s pleasure?

So imagine my surprise when I see Empire mag with the ‘new’ Dredd on the front – Karl Urban. Details on this reboot for 2012 are sketchy but apparently he keeps his helmet and his pants on (Hershey bar). That’s all I know, god knows it couldn’t be any worse than the 1995 version, could it? So they are in pretty good company – in what not to do!

One thing they need to do is have more Mega City One in it, the city is as much part of the story as Dredd. It featured very little in the 1995 version.

Don’t know if its going to be any good and don’t want to give it the Judge Death – kiss of, but I will give it a chance – another trip to the Vue in store (groan) !!

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