WHO REVUE – Episode 13 – “The Wedding Of Riversong” – Spoilers


Erm………ok, so I haven’t really loved this season of Doctor Who but now it has finished I can look back on it and consolidate the whole thing into one review : Average.

Moffat set himself a mega cliff hanger conundrum by killing the Doctor in the first episode, how was he going to deliver on it?

Well he wasn’t, the cop out being the Doctor didn’t die but the Captain Kirk moral justice squad from the Eddie Murphy movie ‘Meet Dave’ took his place in a Robot Doctor, to take the killer shot. I seen it coming the minute it started and to be honest I’m not that bright – pretty lazy writing really.

Meanwhile Riversong proclaimed her love for the Doc and time stopped, because she couldn’t bring herself to kill him.

If I am just getting too long in the tooth to enjoy this, then I was reassured by a twelve year old who informed me that this was the worst season of new Dr Who they had ever seen.

Thankfully Roramy’s appearance in this was reduced to a small part, I mean most actors love to be killed off in Dr Who so they should cut Rory some slack and kill him off. Even when he plays a tough nut soldier he still comes across like a huge piece of wet lettuce.

This season has been a mis mash of some brilliant moments, intangible plot twists, complex story threads and rushed episodes which have amounted to a very unsatisfactory story arc which looked impressive but failed to deliver anything substanial.

Overall, average – but will it follow the supreme irony of previous Doctor Who when Sylvester McCoy was cancelled just after the 25th anniversary? Will new Who make it to the big 5-0 anniversary?

And more to the point, how can a skull eat somebody?

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