Doesn’t Exist But I Still Want It : No 1 – Running Man Home Board Game

Watching the Arnie classic – Running Man as a kid, I was struck by one thing in particular thing.

No, not the degeneration of society, nor the gladiatorial death combat masquerading for a TV Show or the Totalitarian Police State. No, none of them.

I wanted a Running Man Home Board Game. I could even imagine in my head what kind of a board game it was – like a cross between Hero Quest and chess!

It came in a red and white box with the ICS network logo emblazoned on it and a picture of a Runner in their trademark yellow spandex.

buzzsaw ben richards running man home board gameI also imagined it was sponsored by Cadre Cola, Climbing For Dollars or even Captain Freedom’s Workout and the instructions were presented by Damon Killian.

One player (or a number of players) would play the Runner
/s and one other player would play as the Stalkers, a kind of dungeon master who would manage the precedings. If the Runner player landed on a certain square, the Stalker player would produce from a deck of Stalker cards – the next stalker, which would be moved around the board in an attempt to “capture” the player.

It probably could have about 10 Runner players and when you were caught by the stalker, you had a combat dice to roll to see if you could escape or render the stalker unconscious (never kill, as this was ICS propaganda – after all!).

Anyway, it doesn’t exist but I wish it did. 25th Anniversary of Running Man (1987), next year – anyone connected to the film fancy releasing it?

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