Tintin And The Secret Of The Unicorn Preview

A new Steven Spielberg/Peter Jackson collaboration is winging its way out this Wednesday : Tintin and the Secret Of The Unicorn.

Interesting one this, I loved Tintin books when I was growing up, especially Captain Haddock with his blue salty sea dog language.

You could even see a progression of Herge’s drawing from the early works such as Tintin in America and the dated racist undertones of Tintin in the Congo to the later more detailed works such as Tintin and the Picaro’s.

But the Secret of the Unicorn was a standout amongst them -as firstly introducing Professor Calculus (Who isn’t present in this film!) and secondly, led to a second part – Red Rackham’s treasure.

So, if I was going to pick one adventure that encompassed the best loved characters as an opener, bearing in mind Haddock and the Thompson twins didn’t appear till a few books into the series. Secret of the Unicorn would be perfect, it has all of the well loved characters present and all of the usual mystery and intrigue present, in a Tintin novel.

Back to the film, this is a full motion 3D CGI motion captured effort featuring the voices of Jamie Bell as Tintin and Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock.

Early reports on it are favourable, reviewers have given it positive reviews with the only criticism being it is a very by the numbers adventure and captures none of the subtle political humour present in Herge’s stories.

Indeed before Herge died in 1983, he did suggest that Spielberg was the man to bring his vision to the big screen.

Skip forward 28 years and Tintin went on general release on 24 October 2011 in the UK and 21 December in the US

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