Doesn’t Exist But I Still Want It : No 2 – Nuke Em Home Board Game

Nuke em by Butler Brothers red button

Red Alert! Red Alert!

“That it buster! No more Military aid!” Advert Dad

Nuke Em was a boardgame first witnessed in all its awesome splendour on Robocop. It was another quality game by Butler Brothers and a game for all the family.

Worried about impending Nuclear devastation?

The Cold war giving you the cold shoulder?

Then this battleships clone is the game for you. Just remember, don’t press that little red button too soon, or it just might incinerate daddy’s face!

Nuke em by Butler Brothers advert dad

The rules to this game can only be imagined. How a few plastic missiles stuck to a board represent potential Nuclear armageddon, isn’t clear.

Although somehow within this its possible to dismantle your MX stockpile, cross the line again, have Pakistan threatening your borders and have dad refuse Military aid.

Nuke em by Butler Brothers mushroom cloud

One thing is for sure, when that little Cyclon voice goes off saying “Red Alert! Red Alert!”, it seems to come down to a straight battle of nerves over who will press the little red button first.

I’m really not sure if Dad won (or lost) by pressing the button and unleashing a mini mushroom cloud on the kitchen table – its really anyone’s guess! Although Dad has probably sterilized his kids from having their own kids.

Daddy doesn’t care though, he’s off out to get in his SUX 6000 and go do some really shitty gas mileage.

Still, Nuke Em would be one hell of a cool game to have at a kids birthday party, entertaining and educational!

Youtube video courtesy of JacobRe1

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