New Doctor Who Movie In Time Stream

Reports suggest a Hollywood Doctor Who movie is in the pipeline.

Harry Potter Director David Yates is helming the project and is taking upto 3 years to craft a script.

It will not however, follow the BBC series and is unlikely to star Matt Smith or David Tennant and it will be looking to present a brand new portrayal of the Doctor. Confused? Well Don’t be, as they have done this before.

Doctor Who and daleks 1965 movie Peter Cushing Roy CastleBack in the 1960’s, Doctor Who – starring William Hartnell, was a fresh new exciting Sci-Fi TV series on the BBC. Plans were made to shoot a big budget feature film and more importantly, cash in on the Dalek’s popularity of the time. Firstly, they chose Peter Cushing to be the Doctor and secondly they completely altered the origins of the character in Dr. Who and the Daleks – (1965).

For instance, we know the Doctor is from Galifrey (if in doubt check out my excellent Doctor Who resources!! 🙂 ) in the movie he was an Earth Scientist, who had created the Tardis. Everything else was pretty much the same. He travelled through time and space, he had a grand daughter called Susan and he fought the Daleks in this film and a follow up called Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. – (1966).

A more recent attempt to remake Doctor Who as a movie, in this case a TV movie pilot cleverly titled Doctor Who : The Movie for the American market, was less than warmly accepted. Unlike the Cushing adventures, it did follow somewhat the previous BBC TV series timeline, with Sylvester McCoy returning. However, a subplot about the Master being exterminated by the Daleks and then allowing the Doctor (their mortal enemy) to collect his ashes, was confusing at best and no doubt played for effect, to a brand new American audience unaccustomed with the show’s history.

So, with a search on now on both sides of the Atlantic for writers for the new film, it will be interesting to see in which direction they take the new adaption.

In the meantime, check out my Doctor Who resources or Matt Smith reviews – above.

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