Doesn’t Exist But I Still Want It : No 3 – Domination Video Game From Never Say Never Again

“….The game is called Domination. I designed it myself. But my problem is, I’ve never yet found a worthy adversary.”

Many criticism have been levelled at the odd-one-out, black sheep of the Bond family Never Say Never Again – 1983, starring an aging Sean Connery. One thing it did give us, was one of the greatest video games never to be made; Domination.

To set the scene, Bond roles up to a function hosted by Largo (his enemy in this film). As with many Bonds before, the shooting and fist fighting is preceded by a more gentlemanly contest, as the two size each other up.

Normally, Bond would play Blackjack or Poker but in this 1980’s embracing remake of Thunderball – 1963, its a video game which is to take centre stage.

Domination looks like a grand ornate wooden table with two joysticks either side, where both players sit and a large computer screen in the middle.

bond domination never say never again largo2As Largo explains the rules to Bond :

“This game has one objective: power.

We will be fighting for countries, chosen at random by the machine.

But for this demonstration I will choose France.Target areas will light up on the map. Whoever hits them first with his laser beam will score points. But there is another way to win.

With the left hand, you control two nuclear missiles.

With the right hand, you control a shield to block my missiles.

But if you fail… Boom! I win the game. You will be red. I will be blue…”

bond domination never say never again largo3So the players play for a different country (the bigger the country the more money they have to play for) in every game and the objective is to shoot the squares as they light up to to earn points. The player that has the lower score gets a painful electric shock through the joysticks which gets worse as the game goes on.

Naughty Largo plays a trick on Bond the first time they play it, he forgets to tell him about this electric shock as the game progresses.

Largo beats Bond the first time by taking a painful spill from his seat due to the pain and probably breaking his hip.

bond domination never say never again largo5Bond then suggests double or nothing and comes through this time, Largo trailing on the score board and desperate to tip the balance fires both of his nuclear missiles at Bond, which Bond deflects with his shield.

Largo then lets go of the controls, due to the pain level and forfeits the game.

Not to be released any time soon, Domination would be a great Christmas present for a kid you didn’t like. You would however have to keep it in a garage – due to the size of the table. It would be a lot of fun though, especially with the Cylon style voice. Very similar to another classic video game; Red Alert – which you can also read about here.

Youtube vid courtesy of adelandpapa.

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