Doctor Who Wins At National TV Awards / Series 7 Rumours


Matt Smith and Karen Gillian both won best Drama Performance: Male and females awards at the National TV awards, on the 25th January. Meanwhile, series 7 prep is well underway. 12 episodes + a Xmas Special have been slated with … Continue reading

Millenium Bridge That Barely Lasted A Decade

irishgate bridge carlisle closed

Like many badly constructed Milennium projects up and down the country, Carlisle’s ill reckoned Irishgate bridge has been closed as unsafe only 11 years after being built. The carbuncle of a bridge, which has been found to have metal fatigue … Continue reading

SOPA, PIPA and Protect IP – Internet Under Threat ?

pipa sopa protect ip bill congress

I read with some intrest the recent row in the States regarding the attempted introduction through Congress of anti-piracy legislation known as ‘SOPA’ (Stop Online Piracy Act) and ‘PIPA’ (the Protect IP Act). In a dramatic twelfth hour climb down … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Tom Baker

Some favour a return to an older character!

Tom Baker turns 78 today. Tom – arguably the greatest Doctor. Played incarnation no.4, from 1974 until 1981. Tom is the oldest living Doctor, a distinction held by Jon Pertwee, until his death in 1996. With the 50th anniversary around … Continue reading