Qualcomm Star Trek Tricorder Prize Unveilled

The Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize has been launched in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. The challenge is for researchers to build a real life portable Star Trek Tricorder tool, capable of being carried over the shoulder (at 2 kilo’s) with the ability to scan and diagnose diseases.

The nearest equivalent is the size of a Mini car and sits in a lab.

According to the official Star Trek technical manual, a tricorder is a portable 23rd Century “sensing, computing and data communications device” which can scan and diagnose without touching the patient.

The Dr McCoy wielded device has captured the imagination of inventors, who are desperate to push the envelope on non-invasive medical techniques.

The award organisers hope the $10 million (£6.5 mil) prize may inspire a present-day engineer to figure out the gadget’s secret, and “make 23rd Century science fiction a 21st Century medical reality”.

Although they are confident the prize will go unclaimed for sometime to come.

Deforrest Kelley would raise an eyebrow at it all!

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