Need More Garden Storage? You Need A Tardis Shed

Noticed this whilst browsing. Too many gardening appliances? Not enough space in the garage to store those bikes?

Then what you need is a Tardis shed. Not only is it fetching, blue and police box like. Its huge on the inside, you could put your whole house in there.

Security? Don’t worry, sure it comes with a key but the Tardis is quantum locked meaning any little scallies attempting to lift your lawnmower won’t be able to even get the door open.

Don’t like the position in your garden? Then you can just dematerialize it to a new location.

I jest, surely, but it will surely cement your status as the biggest Doctor Who fan in the neighbourhood.

Just don’t invite the local neighbourhood kids into it to look at your sonic screwdriver.

Tardis Sheds are available from your friendly shed retailers, many of which can be found online.

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