Word Feud – Scrabble’s Bastard Android App

I am totally loving Word Feud game on Android at the minute.

Word Feud is a blatant rip off of scrabble in all but actual name, same board, same rules etc.

There is a free Scrabble app for Android but for some reason it isn’t compatible on a HTC Wildfire.

So Word Feud it is (which is also available on IPhone), and I wasn’t disappointed it does everything that Scrabble does but with out the professional polish.

I have about 4-5 games on the go at one time, not because I’m clever but due to my random opponents taking days sometimes to take their moves.

So with a contract renewal around the corner, its back to the conundrum : Android or Apple, which for me is dealt easily by cost : Android!

Back to Word Feud, it might not be as polished looking but its still Scrabble. Word Feud for both Apple and Android can be found here.

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