Doctor Who Series 7 Filming Begins

The cast and crew of Doctor Who will be converging their time streams on Cardiff tomorrow (20th Feb) as filming of the new series of Doctor Who gets underway.

Typically, everyone is remaining tight lipped about what series 7 will bring, the only thing we do know is that Rory and Amy (Arthur Darvill & Karen Gillan) will be written out and that it is going to be emotional.

Other rumours doing the rounds include the return of Riversong – (predictably as she is a mainstay of Moffat writing).

More interesting is the rumour of a reappearance by Madame Pompadour, played by Clare Bloom.

As for Monster/villain’s, rumours are rife and most ideas of who might return seem to stem mote from fan wishes than anything official.

My own personal tip would be the return of the Timelord’s greatest Antimatter hero – Omega.

Check out my classic profile of Omega on my new site

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