New Water World Planet Discovered

Scientists have discovered a super-Earth Water world 2.7 times bigger than our planet which has been dubbed GJ1214b.

GJ1214b orbits a cooler red-dwarf star at a distance of 2 million kilometres and is only 40 light years from Earth.

GJ1214b has been closely observed passing in front of its parent star for the last 3 years by Scientist’s who spotted the distinctive hazey disc of atmosphere.

Initially thought to be a ‘Titan’ of thick organic chemicals, further fine tuned analysis using the Hubble Space Telescope confirmed the chemical makeup of liquid water.

“GJ1214b is like no planet we know of. A huge fraction of its mass is made up of water,” said Zachory Berta, lead author of the study from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

image Its proximity to the star suggests temperatures could reach 200 degrees C.

Additionally, the high temperatures and pressures would form exotic materials like hot ice or superfluid water. So this very well could be a water world in its interior, rather than our inner rocky core planets.

News that this world could harbour life due to the favourable conditions, have been met with some excitement.

Whether this Waterworld contains Kevin Costner with gill ears, running around on a jetski is open for some debate though.

Although, given another insipid catalogue name, I think ‘Mariner’ after the character Costner plays would be apt for this other blue planet.

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