Easter, Religious Artifacts, Turin Shroud & The Holy Thorn Tree

Happy Easter to all and sundry as we celebrate the murder and resurrection of the Lord Almighty’s son – Jesus.

Whilst I am not particularly religious, I have always been happy for the time off work and  fascinated by the religious symbology behind Easter.

Religious artifacts or relics have been worshipped and debated over their authenticity for years. Objects supposedly taken from the actual crucifixtion include; wood from the actual cross, the nails which pierced Christ’s hands, the Spear Of Destiny which pierced his side and the crown of thorns he was forced to wear.

Most have been disproven to be nothing more than fakery over the years, knocked up to encourage pilgrims bearing hard cash.

For instance, take the Holy Thorn Tree at Glastonbury; a site for pilgrims to worship at and recently chopped down by some devil worshippers.

It was famed as a tree which grew out of Joseph of Arimathea’s staff, (the man who allegedly took the holy grail out of Jerusalem).

Legend has it, he took his staff and stuck it in the ground and it sprouted into a tree.

Its a nice story, but the truth is the council planted it in 1951 and if there was an original tree there it could only of stretched back to medieval times, (hundreds of years after Joseph Of Arimathea’s time).

The Turin Shroud, now there is a mystery. Unproven to this day, that it wasn’t the shroud of Christ after his death, with his face (or someone’s!) imprinted on it.

Carbon dating tests in 1988 confirmed it was from the Medieval times, although this is under some serious dispute due to possible contamination of the samples.

The imprint of the face is yet to be explained by modern science as to how it was created. It was seemingly, created by some combination of blood, sweat and a sudden unexplainable bright light exposure, (the resurrection anyone?) .

Which leaves a tangible mystery and a what if. Which is just what Religion needs, a Supernatural mystery on a bedsheet not a bunch of uninspiring nails or a lump of wood.

Happy Easter!

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