Titanic 100th Anniversary

The 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic came and went yesterday (15 April).

With James Cameron’s Titanic movie pointlessly bastardized into 3D at the Cinema, a new lower (than low) budget ITV drama and re-repeats of every drama and TV movie from the last 60 years; coupled with news reports about the 100th annivesary, it was hard to avoid it.

The ITV character drama, also called Titanic was pointless, it was too low budget to do anything new with. It had plenty of character development but you were only waiting for the inevitable boat sinking. So when the ship did finally sink it kept annoyingly panning away, as if to try to hide the terrible CGI.

The news covered the anniversary with their usual dramatic aplomb, interviewing some daft American lady who was going on the 100th anniversary boat cruise to the spot of the sinking, in remembrance

“I was related to a man who sailed and died on the Titanic!”, she exclaimed holding up a photo of a stern Victorian gent.”…and I wish I could of met him!” she added.”I hope he is there waiting for me when I die!” before bursting into floods of tears over someone she never knew.

The words from the movie : ‘I’ll never let go!’ were more than phrophetic. Crackpot!

Meanwhile, Titanic 3D at the box office continues to rake in the money, James Cameron spends most of his time these days scouring the real wreck, now a 3D experience of that would have been a fresh take on it, rather than a rehash but I guess Hollywood is all about retreading familiar oceans these days.

Finally, let’s remember a few more peacetime maritime disasters – with the same effort.

1,522 people lost their lives on Titanic but over 1,400 lives were lost in the Scilly Isles naval disaster of 1707, when a training exercise went wrong and 4 ships sank.

Or, the Emporess Of India which sank in 1914 near Quebec with 1012 lives lost, almost all of the crew were from Merseyside.

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