St George -v- A Bank Holiday Off

Another St Georges Day comes and goes, I for one would be glad of a bank holiday on the day of all things English.

We don’t celebrate St Georges Day, not like the Scottish celebrate St Andrews day or the Irish celebrate St Guinness.

Two things here, one – we don’t celebrate being English at all in this country, due to some hangover from our colonial aggressor days which makes it not OK in PC Britain to celebrate being English.

Two – the St George’s cross has long been hijacked and associated with the far right as a symbol of white Saxon blooded England.

Funnily enough, St George was actually Turkish, the son of a Roman soldier.

The rest of his life is conjecture, that is – except the part about slaying a dragon, that took place and as we all know, dragons are real.

As for Saxon’s, well they were originally from Germanic tribe stock. So the ideals of pure nationality get a little blurred here.

Its similar to the U.S. being patriotic about the Stars & Stripes and the notion of ‘being American’, even though all American’s are immigrants.

The only sure thing here is that nationality seems to be less a bloodtype, maybe a birthright and more a state of mind.

Well if it is only a state of mind. It is the state of mind which tells me it should have been a bank holiday today.

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