Buddy! Didn’t You Just Draw The Short Straw Award – 9 – Emil Antonowsky

The next Short Straw Award no. 9 in the series goes to the category : The goriest reveal ever committed to celluoid – period.

Having cornered Robocop in the Steel mill, Emil Antonowsky (played by Paul McCrane) drives straight for him in his trusty grey van. Robocop takes a shot at Emil through the windshield and Emil ducks out of the way.

Emil sits back up and too late he realises that Robocop has bunny hopped his metal frame out of the way and Emil has a one way ticket with a huge toxic waste silo.

Oh dear! And here comes Emil spilling out of the back looking like a half cooked sausage with wonky skin.

emil robocop toxic waste leon clarence boddicker1

Emil goes for a little wander and bumps into his old pal Leon. “How’s it going chum?” he thinks as he opens his mouth and out comes “….Ellllpp meeeeeeh!” whilst he tries to stick his his condom fingers in Leon’s mouth.

Leon takes one look at him and runs for the hills, blood is thicker than water but apparently not when its covered in toxic waste.

Luckily, his thoughtful boss Clarence B is there to put an end to his hi jinx; by driving his SUX 6000 straight though him. Least he goes to his grave knowing it got really shitty gas mileage.

Emil Antonowsky we salute you with a short straw award – no. 9.

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