Build The USS Enterprise? Make It So….!

If all of the high concept designs for future space flight fails to fire your imagination, then you need to have a look at the grand ambitions of ‘BTE Dan’ who is proposing to not just go – but to ‘boldy’ go.

“BTE Dan” (BTE standing for ‘Build The Enterprise’) has come up with some very impressive detailed plans on his website of how we could build a real life USS Enterprise spaceship, in a 20 year project.

From conceptual blueprints, budgeting proposals, a timeline for research and development, even the budgetry implications on NASA and the American government ($20 Trillion) and where this money could be saved from other areas.

BTE Dan’s real name is not known but what is known of this individual is that they have a 30 year Systems and Electrical Engineering background and are a massive Star Trek fan (obviously!).

His thorough vision for this version of the Enterprise would need a few tweaks based on the technology though, (as opposed to the shows fictional counterpart ship).

An example of this would be that this real life Enterprise (dubbed ‘Gen1’) would run on nuclear power (not sci-fictional dilythium crystals) and it would have no warp speed capability (not invented yet!). It would be able to do the “short hop” from planet to planet within the solar system.

It would however, use a rotating gravity-wheel concept to generate 1G of gravitational force to keep the crews feet on the ground.

The ship would have to be assembled in space and would measure approx. 3,100 feet long from front to back, (think 2 Empire State buildings on top of each other).

Somebody likes the idea of this concept, as servers have been struggling to cope with the amount of visitors wanting to look at BTE Dan’s impressive calculations.

All we need to discover now is a race of humanoid Aliens with pointy ears and green blood….

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