See Venus Transit The Sun

A very rare astronomical event is to happen today/tomorrow with the planet Venus set to move visibly across the face of the Sun in a 6 hour transit.

The event is set to happen in the UK around 05:30 (GMT Sunrise) and will not happen again until the year 2117.

So if you have a particular compulsion to see it; you’d better get your skates on, as the next time it happens – you will be dead!

Our sister planet – Venus, will appear as a tiny black disc moving across the sun. It wouldn’t be a great idea to look directly at it though, as you could go blind.

People wanting to see it, are recommended to attend a proper organised viewing event, where the transit will be projected on to a screen, or watch it online.

Venus transits occur only four times in approximately 240 years.
The reason for the length of time between intervals is due to the orbits of Venus and Earth not lying in the same solar plane. Therefore, a transit can only occur if both of the planets and the Sun are situated exactly on one line.

To give you an idea of occurence;  this event has happened 7 times in the recorded age using telescopes : 1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882 and 2004.

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