Finding Bigfoot On Discovery Channel

I have been loving the bonkers new series on Discovery Finding Bigfoot, it sits somewhere between Most Haunted and Blair Witch Project.

It features 4 members of the BFRO (Big Foot Research Organisation) travelling the backwater towns and national parks of America searching for evidence of the elusive Bigfoot or Sasquatch – or ‘Squatch’ as the team lovingly refer to it.

Its more psuedo than actual science. Indeed, one of the gang, a giant 7 foot tall hick called Bobo could actually be the missing link himself, striding around the wilds of America doing Squatch calls and remarking on the behaviour of a creature he has never actually seen.

Of course like Most Haunted, TAPS or the similar-ish Monster Hunter they use a variety of techy equipment including night vision/ infra-red camera’s and motion sensors. But for all of the gizmo’s, expert opinion and investiations, they have never witnessed or actually filmed a Squatch – or found any compelling evidence.

The programme is split into interviews with local witnesses, a recreation of a piece of evidence (like a video) and a late night investigation.


What makes this programme funny is the boundless enthuiasm these BFRO investigators show and how much they want to believe in 8-foot Squatch’s running around the wilds of America.

They end every programme Squatch-less but still make the exciting claim that ‘next week they will be on the trail of the Squatch.’

They interview ‘witnesses’ whilst goading them into believing that it was always a Squatch they witnessed, even though the witness isn’t always sure themselves.

The resident lone female sceptic – Renae, is constantly put in her place by the overtly masculine group. They entertain her balanced summing up of sightings and potential evidence, as anything other than an actual bigfoot – less than a raging case of herpes.

Sounds like a waste of time, but its absolutely compulsive viewing and is a masterclass of TV in how to take no substance at all and stretch it out across a whole 40 minutes of TV.

Maybe they should just call it ‘Found Bigfoot’ as I am pretty sure Bobo would qualify.

Finding Bigfoot is on Discovery channel.

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