Supplementing Sky TV HD?

I have been a SKY Customer for many years and I was keen to take advantage of the great HD revolution back in 2008.

Back then, HD meant a considerable financial outlay for a TV, especially a full HD 1080p model. So Bluray player aside the next logical step was to get some regular broadcast HD content on Sky.

“As its a new product….” the telephone operator from Sky said “…we’ll have to charge you a £10 monthly HD Supplement!”. I agreed and the rest as they say was history.

Skip forward 4 years and BBC have announced that their BBC HD Channels are moving to BBC 1 & 2 (101 & 102) on October 27th, so they are now the standard channels.

HD isn’t that impressive anymore, its become pretty well – pretty normal! What is impressive is the next gen of HD -upto 100 times more clarity than 1080p but that is someway off. What is annoying is Standard Def (SD) when you are ued to watching HD. I find if I buy a Sky Box Office movie and forget to pick HD 780p, I feel annoyed watching the terrible SD signal, things have moved on, except Sky’s billing policy.

Sky still charge a £10.25 HD Supplement – per customer, regardless of your channel mix; without Sports and Movies HD, HD content has increased but is still slim pickings for £10.25 a month extra.

I recently took a 6 month free HD Supplement offer with them again and then cancelled it at the end, before they started charging again. “Why are you cancelling?” the lady on the phone asked, “because I don’t believe in paying £10 extra a month for ITV 2 – 4, Atlantic and Sky 1 HD and some other channels I can’t remember. And since I don’t bother with Sports or Movies there’s no point supplementing other Sky Customers who do!” I retorted.

“When will you wrap this cost up into the SKY packages with the biggest charge on Movies and Sports where the vast majority of content is?” I enquired.

“I don’t know”, the lady replied. “I just answer the phone!”.

Sky have been pulling a fast one like this for years telling customers they would either drop or wrap the HD supplement up into the packages, split according to amount of HD content – which would make sense. Someone is still willing to pay this supplement because it hasn’t gone away. They used to charge £10 for having a Sky Plus box but this stopped when Sky Plus became the norm, hasn’t HD yet?

I know broadcasting HD doesn’t come cheap, there is a need to fund the technology to shoot and produce. The signal is 5 times as weighty in data. If it costs, we have to pay but this needs to be charged in the right way.

HD has become SD (standard), pretty much in all but format. I wish Sky realised this….

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