Star Trek : Catspaw – The Witching Hour Is Upon Us!

The witching season is upon us and this would be good time to revisit a Classic episode of Star Trek : Catspaw broadcast on 27 October 1967. It was the one and only time Original Trek did a seasonal episode.

So how do you get all of the Halloween elements into a Sci fi sitcom without it being silly or contrived? Catspaw does it.

Kirk and landing party beam down to a world that should not support life and not only are they menaced by some old cronie witches outside a misty castle but they cross paths with a huge black cat, mysterious wizards and a dungeon full of skeletons.


Powerful aliens have scanned the crews brains and brought their deepest darkest fears to life.

These poweful Aliens hold the Enterprise ship to ransom by voodoo burning a model of it, over a candle.

The Aliens turn out to be nothing more than funny little tiny chickens on wires though – their true alien form. Well most horror reveals are disappointing!

Happy Halloween!!

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