CEE-ya (fax) Teletext!

Sad news as good ole Teletext Ceefax service is finally switched off tonight, after 38 years.

First broadcast in 1974, with its blocky graphics and simple interface, Teletext was one of those early morning preserves of the terminally insomniac and students – when it used to take over BBC 2 in the early hours, with its strangely affecting electronic background music.

Of course, it was always during daytime too, at the press of a button for all your news, weather, horoscopes and cheap holidays.


I always liked the kids corner ‘Bamboozle’ with its blocky comic strips and joke punchlines; which could be revealed by pressing the reveal button on the remote – techy stuff for the time.

It was also referenced often in popular culture. The unfunny comedian; Peter Kay built his whole routine around booking a holiday on Teletext, packing and f@$&ing off!

Its newer digital equivilent could do with taking a leaf from Teletext by actually working properly. BBC Weather takes about 8 clicks to get to. And ITV and Channel 4 requires the user to flick back to TV mode first.

So long!

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