Disney Announces New Star Wars Film – Part 7


Uh-oh! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Cantina. Lucas goes and announces another Star Wars film, part 7 is on its way out.

Its unclear whether this will be a live action film or a CGI cartoon, or more likely a mixture of both but its unlikely Lucas will be in charge.

In one of the strangest acquisitions/mergers to date, Lucas has gone and sold Lucas Arts to Disney for $4 Billion and as part of this, the rights to the back catalogue.

The last Star Wars film out was a CGI cartoon featuring the Clone Wars and a Jabba The Hut baby. Didn’t go see it so not sure if it was any good or not – probably not!

Whether this will feature Luke, Han & Leia after Return Of The Jedi is not known but Lucas will no doubt be scribbling away furious on his pad creating the first/last story draft now.

The books which followed the central characters after the films had Han & Leia get married, give birth to twin force babies and Luke become some kind of Yoda style hermit. Whether that will work on the big screen is anyone’s guess and come to think of it, isn’t that the same story which followed Frank Herbert’s – Dune?

Can’t see how Lucas won’t try and stick his oar in somehow, or request to stay on as producer/teamaker.

Finally Disney – Star Wars? Really?

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