Red Dwarf X – Episode 6 – “The Beginning”

Final episode of series 10 last Thursday and Dwarf ended with a stand off against a Simulant warship and revelations about Rimmer’s parentage.

I liked the way alot of the stories in series X have revolved around Rimmer and his past. As much as Lister being the important one and the last human alive. Classic Dwarf was about Rimmer’s journey aswell, including his difficult upbringing that made him such a Smegger.

It was back to school on Jupiter’s moon Io where Rimmer jr was being singled out in class by his teacher, who was also his father. This set the stall for an episode about what made Rimmer who he was. So when Rimmer was expected to come up with a battleplan to evade the Simulant’s and their Annihilator Space drones -well, he couldn’t!

Rimmer has always had the spectre of his long dead disapproving father hanging over him. Of all the insights available, it was the Cat who suggested it to Rimmer, this was what stopped him from acheiving in life.

So when he found out that his real dad was Dennis “Dungo” the gardener, he was able to formulate a plan to overcome the Simulant’s by using their own force against them.

There was also a turn by the freakiest looking Simulant ever called Hogey, who beamed aboard the ship to kill Lister. But luckily, he was talked into a game of crazy golf or a bake-off instead, as the crew tell him; “we are all dualled out!”.

We also get a funny in joke about the time Red Dwarf was attacked by a metal eating bug and how Rimmer saved the day then. But he is interrupted before he can relate what happened.

This is of course a reference to the predicament the crew found themselves in at the end of series 8. But its probably best left to the imagination as it was a terrible series and too long ago to affect the shows strength to strength rise – since.

It wasn’t the strongest in the series but was a nice action packed end to the current run. Dwarf should have definitely proved it can sustain a future run of new series. But will Dave deliver?

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