Bear baiting? Why That’s Saturday Night Entertainment…!!

It seems the British public like nothing better than to rig the voting on these interactive phone-in Entertainment shows for extra amusement.

Im talking specifically of ex-Corrie star: Helen Flanagan on ITV Celeb Jungle and Rylan from X-Factor.

In H-Flan’s case, the public keep voting her to do the trials but she won’t, its not a loss though as her reluctance to attempt them means her campmates starve. Win-win!

In Rylan’s case, he got through Saturday’s X-Factor despite miming at the expense of a much better singer: Laura.

The only logic I can find in this is that either Rylan is really popular or the Anti X Factor brigade are massing in time for Xmas (likely the latter).

One year, they even bought Rage Against The Machine on mass to keep X-Factor off of the no. 1 Xmas spot.

Back to H-Flan, she is getting alot of abuse from this appearance on Celeb Jungle and as much as this program is a status ‘pick me up’, its also a status ‘put me down’.

Just ask Gillian McKeith.

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