Mayan Calender Ends…. And Its Goodbye From Us..

As the 21st December ticks closer to midnight, the end of the Mayan Calender looms nearer.

With the world supposedly about to end. Panic buying of supplies around the world have meant quids in for survival suppliers. So someone is always cashing in on potential armageddon.

Not least DVD & Bluray sales of the disaster movie 2012, starring John Cusack.

According to the movie, the world is going to superboil from the core out and tsunami’s and mega-earthquakes will take care of the rest.

Other theories include the Earth’s gravity switching off – causing death by space rays, comets, or being hit by a rogue planet hiding behind the sun called ‘Nibiru’. NASA have even been looking for this mysterious planet X, to quash rumours.

Maybe even the Spaceman may make another appearance on Burgh Marsh. So, either way, if this is the end – it was fun while it lasted.

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