Quincy M.E. R.I.P.

The actor Jack Klugman star of Quincy M.E. and the Odd couple, died on Monday – he had just turned 90 on 24 December.

Klugman’s career ran for 70 years starting in the late 1940’s and he was still acting right up till 2010. He found acclaim in the the TV adaption of the Odd Couple alongside Tonmy Randall.

He also suffered from thriat cancer, loosing a vocal chord due to heavy smoking and in late life became a passionate anti-smoking spokesman.

Arguably his most famous role was as the passionate L.A. Medical Examiner Dr Quincy in the TV series of the same name.

Quincy M.E. was one of those syndicated shows on ITV popular with students in the 90’s. Always on on a weekday, when everyone else was at work.

It ran from 1976 until 1983 and could easily be described as the forerunner of the more modern forensic counterparts such as CSI.

Quincy began as a formulaic murder detective show. Frequently the corpse was brought in having died under natural causes. Quincy would disapprove this and find the murder, all with an hour.

Quincy was assisted by his loyal Japanese assistant –┬áSam Fujiyama (played by Robert Ito) whilst always attempting to manoveur around head coroner Dr. Asten (played by John S. Ragin).

Quincy Ran from 1976 until 1983 on NBC.

However, Quincy was much more than just a Medical Examiner, he was also a Champion of social causes.

Later episodes diverted from the trusted format and explored the social injustices, rare medical conditions such as Tourette’s or sometimes unfair laws such as ‘double jeopardy’. No doubt that the spotlight was brought onto many poorly understood areas via the medium of television.

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