Sony Fined For Network Hack

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Sony have been fined £250,000 following an April 2011 hack on their PS network which compromised the security of customers data.

The hack meant Sony had to bring down the whole network over the 2011 Easter holiday to prevent theft of personal data such as names, addresses, dates of birth and payment card information.

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) criticised the entertainment giant for not having up-to-date security software in place and said the hack was “preventable”.

The fine of £250,000, which was only 50% of the maximum allowed under UK data laws (£500,000), is a drop in the ocean for Sony. However 2011 saw Sony’s profits down to a $5.7 billion loss but 2012 projected profits are up back in the black.

The fine hardly hit Sony’s pocket but the damage to their reputation was vast and they had to issue a grovelling public apology to gamers and offer free games in compensation.

Sony told the BBC it “strongly disagreed” with the ruling and planned to appeal. They have since rebuilt the network with better security.

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