New Series Of Doctor Who/50th Anniversary In 3D


A newly released promotional image for Doctor Who, gives away more potential clues about whats coming in the (second half) of the latest series – than at first glance.

The image, which features Matt Smith and new assistant Jenna-Louise Coleman riding a motorbike and smashing through ice over the London skyline, also gives away hints of new (and returning baddies).

Shards Of New Series Hints?

Shards Of New Series Hints?

Its the 50th anniversary year and with a 3D multi Doctor crossover seemingly now in the offing, (featuring all ex-Doctor’s living and dead). Interest also turns to what classic monsters might also make a return.

Ice, ice baby!

Ice, ice baby!

First on the list, is those seminal classic villains – The Ice Warrior’s; whose reflection are clear in the shards of glass at the bottom and right of the picture.

Also featured, some odd looking new baddies called ‘Spoonheads” and something which looks like a cross between a devil and a rhino.

Doctor Who is to return on 30 March in ‘The Bells of St John’, the 50th anniversary special will be on in November on BBC HD and at the cinema in 3D.

Check out my monster section at my Classic Doctor Who site for more history to these classic baddies.

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