New Samsung Galaxy S4 Unveiled

Samsung have previewed the new  Galaxy S4 smartphone, following on from the highly successful S3 handset which gave Apple a run for their money.

Samsung have confirmed that it will feature a package of new features, including :

Software that tracks where users are looking; which automatically scrolls down the page as it is read, without it being touched. Samsung filed for a couple of trademarks this year, named “Eye Scroll” and “Eye Pause”.

There is also expected to be the usual souped-up camera and higher spec processor.

The main interesting development is the customisation of the Google based Android software, which runs the phone.
This is seen as important, to try and brand the S4 separate from the other multitude of Android powered devices and to try and gain market share – like Apple.

Currently, Android users can mix and match their Android products, so brand loyalty is not always assured – unlike Apple.

It would also mean Samsung could begin selling their own apps and take the lions share away from Google (much like Amazon/Kindle). Samsung boasts more than 60% of Google Android-powered smartphones in their current range.

The phone also features the S3’s dual front 2 meg and back 13 meg camera which can now blend pictures together into one photo, which one industry expert called “gimmicky”.

The phone weighs 130g, and is 7.9mm thick – making it slightly lighter and thinner than the S3.

The device also had the Samsung HD AMOLED screen, at a
resolution of 441 pixels-per-inch , which is marginally bigger than the S3’s.

Samsung have also introduced the Samsung ‘Hub’ – a multimedia storage facility that can be shared across multiple Samsung devices.

The next challenge is to try and integrate the S4 with up and coming Samsung tablets, something that has not been there previously (think of Iphone and Ipad).

The Galaxy S4 will be rolled out globally at the end of April.

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