Messy Shops Make Us Buy More!.

In this age of austerity and triple dip recession, purposely messy shops might be more about attempting to make us buy more.

An interesting article on the BBC website, states that untidy display areas in shops might be more a product of careful sales planning :

“It works well on younger shoppers. Under-21s are the most likely to make an impulse purchase, according to the Big Money Test.”

TK Maxx could be just that shop, it looks at times like a hydrogen clothes bomb has gone off in it, especially the one in Carlisle.

Being the majority of shoppers in TK Maxx are around the 21 years range, its maybe no surprise that everything is kinda left in a state.

Another shop not yet arrived in carlisle – (despite massive demand for its wears), is Primark.

Cumbrian People are so desperate for Primark, loads of them lobbied their local MP, an admirable act in an age of general political inaction.

But they haven’t made any plans to come to Carlisle – yet, stating they can’t find the right sized space. Which is baffling (or a load of old bull), because there are loads of empty units and developable spaces in Carlisle. Like every Northern town choked by the weight of a recession.

So the next time you wander into a messy shop and tut – just remember it might all be a clever ploy, to get you to buy more.

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