Gorgeous George To Budget For More Misery

Today Gorgeous George Osbourne unveils his latest attempt to kickstart a flaccid economy with his latest round of slash and burn.

From his new Twitter account @conservatives team he delivered the following message :

“Today I’ll present a Budget that tackles the economy’s problems head on helping those who want to work hard & get on.”

Predictably, his new Twitter account received the expected vitriol and abuse and impressively clocked up 19,720 followers within a few hours.

“If he thought the reception he got at the Olympics was bad…,” tweeted one journo.

Back to the budget promise, to help those who work hard – well the problem is with this, he isn’t! George isn’t presenting anything for people who want to get on. Even his childcare 20% off measure which would help families, won’t come in till 2015 (long after the Tories are voted out).

More cuts are expected, as he desperately tries to kickstart the economy by making everyone poorer by another £2.5bn, including his own workforce – the civil servants who have to find another 3% cuts on top of the last 3%.

They are not happy, at least the members of PCS Union – (Public And Commercial Services) who announced a strike today, with followup action on 5 April.

Also, more strikingly was a protest by a group all dressed as Osbourne with scary masks and red briefcases. It was like something out of Doctor Who as they took over Westmininster for a photo op. The group were demanding that the UK do more to tackle tax avoidance by large corp’s and rich individuals.

All in all its likely to be a pretty miserable budget for all of us who work hard and want to get on.

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