Lonsdale Cinema – Covered Over & Forgotten

Carlisle City council are planning to cover the front of the old Lonsdale Cinema building in Carlisle with a big 3 meter high advertising hoarding – in an attempt to improve the frontage of this once great building.

Its all part of a hair brained ‘Town Team initiative’ scheme (funded by Central Government) to improve town centres by covering eyesore buildings and empty shop windows with colourful advertisments for local events.

City council deputy leader Colin Glover told the News & Star paper : “The building lies at one of the entrance areas to the city centre and is not in keeping with the adjacent businesses”. He added: “Although the building is in private ownership, weathered, flaking paintwork is also to be repainted on the front of the former cinema and estate agent marketing boards removed.”

Perhaps they would be better saving this money till such times as they have enough to level it.

Putting a bandaid over the front isn’t going to solve the problem of what in effect is a rotting shell, held together by those deteriorating Grade II features.

You only have to venture past it these days to be hit by the funk of decay and a quick look through the door into the old GALA bingo hall shows most of the roof has collapsed in.

Its a shocking state of affairs for a building with so much heritage. The Beatles played there in their 60’s heyday. Less prestigous but still special, was the countless times spent queuing up the stairs for a new film release – in its cinema days. Poor end for a once great building.

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