NEW DR WHO REVIEW : “The Bells Of St. John” – S7 – E7/16 – (Spoilers)

Who came back from its mid season hiatus with the continuing part of this latest season.

Following the Xmas Special, the Doctor was on the hunt for Clara. We came in for a mention aswell, with the Doctor taking some time out in Cumbria in 1207 of all places? Although there was no mention of the Solway Spaceman [would make a good episode though].

The Doctor was taking a hiatus with some Monks when Clara phoned the Tardis about her broken computer. Something was stopping her Wifi working. She told the Doctor a lady had given her the number for the computer helpline. [What woman? I guess we might find out as the season draws on!].

So with people’s Wifi breaking, (and a new mysterious Wifi source appearing in their computers which people were clicking) people were logging on and being physically downloaded into a massive computer bank ran by Celia Imrie.

Once she had control, people could be controlled remotely, helped by Wifi booster robots called ‘spoonheads’ whose heads span around to shiw portable satellite dishes on the back of their noggins.

It was another Moffat base-fear-technology-backlash-cum-paranoia episode (Think “the source” sucking peoples faces off for sitting to close to the TV).

The Doctor was back with a new outfit, complete with his trademark dicky-bow. His new dark red jacket had a vaguely crushed velvet Pertwee hint to me.

He did his best to try and coax Clara into his Tardis to be his companion because he wanted to know why her past, present and future was so entwined with his own (like Amy Pond’s).

Doctor who bells of st john bbc

Think about it, he can’t just go whisking any old earthling away to stop him getting bored, its irresponsible for these modern Doctor’s to play with lives willy nilly (after all of the Doctor’s previous companion/human interference!) they might get mentally disturbed by the experience, trapped in a parallel universe or worse – killed.

So it makes more sense that the Doctor has to take Clara along to figure out her backstory.

The episode was the right balance of exposition, suspense and action to stop me getting too bored and hooking upto the evils of my own Wifi. I even liked the turbo jet bike thingy and the actual London locations (normally being filmed in Cardiff they just CGI London landmarks on!).

Smith played it just the right side of quirky as not to annoy, sometimes in the past he has just been left spouting gibberish and arms flailing one too many times to show how alien and different he is.

His relationship with Clara seems to work well aswell and the chemistry is definately present between them both.

We also learned that Withnail (Richard E. Grant) from the Xmas episode see ‘The Snowmen’ is tied up in this somehow still as some kind of omnipotent super computer running the Wifi project from the Shard building in London.

With the return of the Ice Warriors and the 50th anniversary looming in November (with confirmation that David Tennant and Billie Piper are returning) its going to be an interesting season – this was a good start.

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