Explosive Fallout Of North Korea’s Rhetoric

I see on TV that North Korea’s current war rhetoric continues to escalate.

It really can’t be anything more than saber rattling can it? I mean they really wouldn’t stand a chance if they attacked South Korea or American bases there – the Yank’s would retaliate. (North Korea can’t reach the U.S. mainland with their current missle tech). So what would have been the point in going to war just to get obliterated?

Somebody on Yahoo worked out that the size of North Korea was 46,528 metres squared and that the approximate area affected (injury or death) by an initial blast from an atomic bomb was 9.5 miles squared.


So that would take approx. 4898 atomic bombs carefully placed missiles to completely obliterate North Korea.

But they wouldn’t need this many as the spreading fallout would be the real killer and obviously they wouldn’t want to reign down radiation on their allies South Korea or worse, potential new coldwar countermate; China.

So if this is just saber rattling then what is behind it? Well some news correspondents point out that South Korea have a new female President and this might be a tit-for-tat attempt by North Korea to cadgjool a response. A couple of years back North Korea sunk a South Korean warship, (there was no retaliation from South Korea).

Because the regime is so secretive, no one is really sure who runs the show. Whether its Dennis Rodman’s new friend; Kim Jong-un or if he is just the puppet of a Military General Powerbase who are really pulling the strings.

One things for sure, its unlikely to come to anything and likely to make North Korea even less popular on the World front. Crippling UN sanctions are biting deep and their once close ally- China, has took a step away from NK. They are literally ‘so lonely’ on the World stage now.

All together….

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