Cumbria : In The News For The Wrong Reasons : Abandoned Baby

An abandoned 2 year-old baby, left in a pram outside a house on Warwick Road, Carlisle has been featured on the National news channels.

The owners of the house did not know the child, or the mother – who was subsequently picked up by Police, following an appeal and charged with Child neglect.

Polish national – Ewa Smolenska-Golawska, 41, admitted child neglect. She already had two previous drink-related convictions: one for child cruelty and one for being drunk in charge of the same girl.

The first of the earlier offences was March last year when the defendant was pushing her daughter’s pram along a Carlisle street, and was so drunk she fell over, spilling the toddler on to the pavement.

In the second incident, police investigated after the woman’s husband was found to have been drink driving after a car crash. When police visited his home, the couple’s toddler opened the door.

A relative was found in a drunken stupor on the floor, and the defendant was also drunk, having consumed four times the drink drive limit. The toddler was wandering around, playing with a packet of batteries. Sad.

Strange to see Carlisle featured so heavily on the news, especially Warwick Road – but as usual, it was for all the wrong reasons.

It reminded me of the news crew’s descending on Whitehaven in their droves, following 2010’s Derrick Bird shootings – with nightly live broadcasts from the town centre.

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