Sky Talk Broadband Outages – But Only When It Suits

Being a longstanding Sky Customer can be a mixed affair at the best of times, sometimes they can do you a good turn, movies or HD free for 6 months, a better Broadband deal, etc.

At worst, they are guilty of the worst crime a thriving business can perpertrate. Namely, they make their most loyal and longest standing customer base, feel not very valued – at all.

Sometimes its not what they aren’t doing, i.e. a free offer. Its what they should be doing, i.e simple communication!

On Friday at 4pm, my Sky broadband and Sky Talk telephone went down. I did the usual broken router/pulled cable check. I then checked the Sky website and their was no mention of an issue. Still no broadband/phone by the Saturday morning but least now they have updated their Sky Pulse service status page (at 9am) to say :

” Live Issue: Broadband issues affecting the Stranraer, Newton Stewart, Dumfries, Dalbeattie, Castle Douglas, Wigton and Carlisle areas.


There are temporary disruptions in these areas. Some users may be experiencing a loss of Sky Broadband. We are working to fix this and we apologise for any inconvenience.Outage start time:05 Apr 2013 – 16:30


06 Apr 2013 – 09:01 Engineers from both Sky and BT are now onsite. We apologise for the continued inconvenience this major outage has caused and we hope to have a resolution shortly.”

So far so good. The problem is, throughout the day no further updates follow. At 11pm the following evening, still no updates and still no broadband or phone.

A quick scan of Sky’s facebook and Twitter pages sees literally dozens of annoyed Sky customers all asking the same 3 basic questions :

What is the fault?
And when will you fix it?
Will you offer compensation?

Sky haven’t responded to a single one of these concerns – not one.

It’s obvious that the problems affecting Cumbria, the Borders and Isle of Man are no mere flicked off switch (which can be put back on.) [Sky said some customers experiencing intermittent drops in service. ‘Some’ should really have read ‘the majority’].

But they could of easily provided hourly updates as to what they thought the issue was and how they were going about fixing said issue. [One of the Sky forum service updates mentioned ‘Daisychain outage’, not sure what that is, but if Daisychain’s have caused it then they need a good dose of weedkiller!]

So ultimately, Sky are guilty of ignoring their increasingly pissed off customer base request for regular updates. It doesn’t matter if the broadband comes on at 12am tonight, or they offer money off the next bill – the damage is now done.

Problems happen and outages occur but when your customers ask for updates, don’t just ignore them – period.

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