Ding Dong The Witch Is….. No. 2?

There has been some kick off this week due to some anti-Thatcherite’s clubbing together to ensure that the Wizard Of Oz’s ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ charts in the Top 10, then this Sunday.

Pro-Thatcherites are outraged by this bersmirch on their former deceased PM, demanding that the BBC do not play it on Sunday’s chart show.

Meanwhile, the pro-free speech lobby have weighed in to point out that the Beeb cannot simply rewrite the charts, especially if it charts at number 1 [update – number 2 in the end].

Its an interesting conundrum with the Beeb stuck in the middle, they have in the past been accused of presenting biased news. So as far as this goes, they are planning to take the middle ground by playing a 5 second sample of it – but not the full version.

Meanwhile, a Metropolitan Police Sergeant has been forced to resign, after writing less than tributary Twitter statements about Thatcher – including; that her death was “87 years too late” and added that the world was a “better place” without her.

Its clear that Thatcher is, in death – as ever controversial as she was in life and has provoked a very divisive range of soundbites over the last week.

Final word to someone who would have more reason than most to commentate unfavourably on Lady Thatcher’s passing – her old Union sparring partner Arthur Scargill. Arthur has been been pretty quiet, despite being pestered by journo’s all week.

‘Scargill’s alive’ he text back to a friend who text him the news of Thatcher’s death.

Funny, I thought he would have well and truly stuck the boot in, more than anyone!

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