Star Wars Clone Trooper Production Line To Begin – 2015

Disney have announced that they intend to release a new Star Wars every year – like a new batch of clone troopers, following 2015’s part VII.

The movies will be a mix up of the new trilogy and stand alone films focusing on key members of the Star Wars universe. Most likely to feature in one of the standalone movies is ; Yoda – if he can find time inbetween his Vodafone advert portfolio.

The spinoff films will be written by original trilogy producer – Lawrence Kasdan and ‘X-Men : First Class’ writer – Simon Kinberg.

turkish star wars much better

Will the new films hold a lightsaber to Turkish Star Wars?

It does make you think that with such a hectic production schedule, that it may be a case of quantity over quality, with quality suffering as a result.

But with J.J. Abrahams on board its likely at least the trilogy side should get some new life breathed into it, much like the Trek franchise.

The spinoff movies though, I’m not so sure about. Especially if it features more Yoda improbable sonic the hedgehog fighting moves.

Likewise, a movie about Boba Fett, before Attack Of The Clones came out seemed like an exciting prospect. Now it will forever be tainted with that snot nosed clone kid of Daddy Jango’s.

So the jury is still out on what Disney are going to do to the Star Wars trilogy; either, rape the franchise to death or send it into the stratosphere and put rest to George’s personal ego trip prequel’s. Somehow with a film every year to come, I fear its the former.

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