Doctor Who – Doing Its Bit For Cumbrian Tourism

Carlisle, Cumbria and the Lake District have – so far, been referenced in almost every episode of new Doctor Who.

● In episode 7 – ‘The Bells Of St John’ – written by Stephen Moffat, the Doc was taking some R & R at a fictional Cumbrian Monastery, in the year 1207.

● In episode 8 – ‘The Horns Of Akhathen’ – written by Neil Cross, the Doctor remarked to assistant Clara how nice the Lake District was to travel to.

● In Saturday’s episode 10 – ‘Hide’ – written by Neil Cross , the Doctor remarked to Professor Campbell (Dougray Scott) one of the things they would need for ghost hunting was some nice ‘Kendal Mint cake’. The Doctor also asked assistant Clara what the opposite of indecisiveness was, to which Clara remarked cryptically – ‘Carlisle’.


The Doctor, holidaying near Sellafield recently.

Whether this name dropping trend will carry on, is not know. It can’t be a coincidence that the region has received 4 separate mentions in the last 3 episodes.

Its got to be some kind of writers in joke between Who head writer and producer Stephen and Who contributer Neil Cross. Some other theories point to it having something to do with Clara’s mysterious background.

Also, its unclear whether Dalek’s, Cybermen, Sontaran’s or Ice Warriors will be flocking to the Lake District for long weekends, following the Doctor’s recommendations; but it would be nice to think they might come here and at least enslave the local population.

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